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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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well. as you can see, your route probably fairly green. we do have a couple spots one of them indian head highway at old fort road. they're clearing snow and that's clearing just a bit. and outerloop at braddock, we're jammed for about a mile and a half. involving three vehicles. two of them jackknifed tractor trailers. we'll have that video coming up. amelia is up near 270 at old hundred road. you must have gone by it coming northbound. how did it look? >> reporter: exactly, melissa. so, driving by, right now, we're on 270 southbound, right around the damascus/germantown area, if you will. all lanes were getting by at that point, you can see we're traveling past that accident, it looks like as we drove by, everything had been pulled over to the shoulder. so the delay is just from rubber
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neckers at that point. tractor trailer and a car involved on that. again, those were pushed to the shoulder. delays simply now from the backup. and people inspecting the accident as they were driving by. but what i as want to point out, as we were getting back on the highway going from 270 northbound back to 270 southbound, a lot of slush at the on-ramp there. as you're heading back to work maybe for the first time in days this morning, you do want to be aware of slushy conditions out there. but we have temps above freezing. >> absolutely right. that is critical this morning. plenty of melting continues. temperatures above freezing through the overnight means there's not a lot of ice on the road. slush is one thing, size another. but we will face a refreeze after sunset this morning. if you're leaving this morning and want to lay chemical on the driveway to make sure it doesn't reice. we're facing three refreezes in
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a row. there are some lighting rain drops here, southern charles county, st. mary's and fredri s fredericksbu fredericksburg. the next 24 hours look this way, above freezing now. by 7:00 tonight, back below freezing. and a hard freeze. solid ice expected for tomorrow. so tomorrow morning may actually be trickier than this one. talk about the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. chuck, thank you. if you work for the federal government, you are back on the job today. >> federal agencies are opening back up today. we have all of the closures in our area, running at the bottom of your screen. >> now, some 200 schools, governments and churches are closed today including all but four major districts. if your child goes to school in charles, culvert or st. mary's, they are on a two hour delay.
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d.c. public schools opening on time. erika gonzalez live in northwest with more on parents' concerns. >> reporter: hi, eun, aaron, yeah, definitely concerns because of the sidewalks. a lot of kids got to walk to school, they got to get off the bus, they got to cross safely. when your sidewalk is limited because of snow on the ground it's enticing for kids to move around this and walk in the street. which we have said all along is a big no-no. so many people out on the streets and traffic trying to get by. those lanes are reduced as well because of the huge snow amounts. the steps at coolidge high school here in northwest, it looks pretty good, right. but it's the neighborhood that we've been talking about that are still very, very messy. and could be problematic for students who try to maneuver around. definitely if your student goes to a d.c. ps school, you are going to send them out because
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school has returned for d.c. ps, send them out with their goulashes or snow boots because it's going to be wet and it's going to be cold. however, do you have the option. big "however" right. they september out a couple tweets if you think it's tricky today, you do have the option to let them stay home an extra day. their absences and tardies will not be counted for dcps students. be careful for the kids. they're going to be trekking through snow this more than. live in northwest, i'm erika gonzalez. no school for students in prince george's county but there will be lunch for students who need it. 11:00 to 1:00, four area schools will have free meals for students. you can check out the nbc4 app to find out which schools are closest to you. keep an eye out on the roads that haven't been cleared.
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vdot says it will try to make at least one pass on all residential roads on fairfax and loudoun counties by 6:00 a.m. today. if hasn't been done yet, try to contact your local official to make sure it's done. the agency says it will bring in front loaders to clear the snow away from the area, not just push it to the side. montgomery county says it hopes to get all neighborhoods by 7:00. that's less than an hour. the goal is to make sure everyone can at least get out of their homes. you can tweet us photos of unplowed roads using the hsh the #snowstuck. four jumbo snowblowers and 20 workers will be ear from connecticut. the crews expect to work around the clock for the next four to five days. breaking news on the roads. we have three different problems
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two of them on 270. one of them on the outerloop. southbound at montrose shut down right now. details ahead. good news from metro riders now that all service is restored. we're tracking the commute on the rails as more of you head back to morning. morning showers as you head out the door if you can believe that many it tom kierein looks that many it tom kierein looks at the impact it's
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breaking news on the roads. three different problems right now. 270 southbound at montrose. local lanes are blocked righ here. we have a jackknifed tractor trailer. hard to see in the distance. looks like a pez dispenser
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there. southbound at old hundred, sounds like that tractor trailer is out of the way. a seven-mile backup headed southbound. allow extra time. outerloop at braddock, would jackknifed tractor trailers there, as well. travel times 270 south to germantown to the beltway. top of the beltway is okay. 66 inbound shouldn't have any issue and 95 northbound because of the beltway is okay, too. aaron. ten minutes after the hour now. a live look at the national mall this morning. you can head out to the mall today as national parks and other facilities in the district will be open. many of them will be on a three-hour delay, though. you can check individual park websites for current operating status. >> listen to this, the national park service says the amount of snow it has to remove from the mall and other service grounds could fill the washington monument 18 times. that is nearly 62,000 tons of snow. the park service says if you
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piled up all of that snow and wanted to measure it, you would need a pat collins snow stick that is nearly two miles high. just gives you an image of how much snow we have. where does it all go? >> i tried to access the parkway from two different areas. couldn't do it. >> no matter what the conditions are, we know you have to walk the dog and walk the kids to school, too. >> storm team 4 meteorologist with tom kierein, walking around forecast. >> reporter: walking the bus stop this morning, you're dodging puddles, wear waterproof footwear, have an umbrella handy if you live in southern maryland, fredericksburg, a few sprinkles of rain. the walk around temperatures in the 30s. a lot of clouds around this
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morning. sun in the afternoon you'll be leaping over puddles and slush. we'll be dropping back down into upper 30s, as we get into the afternoon hours. the wind has picked up a bit here. it is cold. layer up this morning. back to you. >> tom, thank you. being cooped up for days starting get to a lot of you. the struggles you are capturing with pickings and video as you deal with being snow stuck. also ahead, new concerns about the zika virus in our community. what we learned about a patient
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we have breaking news right now as you get ready to leave tour work. we are dealing with a number of problems on area roads that are already making for a rough commute. truck accidents in virginia and maryland are to blame for lengthy backups right now. and the busiest part of the community hasn't even started yet. melissa mollet is showing you what you need to avoid.
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>> taking a look at what metro is doing this morning to get to you work on time. cruise have been working around the clock for four days now to get the rail system restored and that apparently is paying off. adam tuss is live at the falls church metro station. >> reporter: that's right, we want to tell people that the silver line back up and running but you were mentioning all. work that's been going on. take a walk with me here. just kind of look at all of the snow that's being pushed off to the side here. this is the kiss and ride here at west falls church. when you show up, it's not going to be a cakewalk to get to the train. you actually have to walk through places like this. the silver line service is back up and running and that's because the ice and the snow has been cleared for some time overnight. trains, all throughout the system, should be running about every eight minutes.
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that's good news. and bus service is now on a moderate schedule. that means there's about 160 bus routes that are in service this morning. that is an improvement over where we were just a short time ago. now, the temperature, definitely, has dropped out here. but if you can believe it, we actually saw snow flurries, a short time ago. that's not good news for metro. because the thing that they're really concerned about is any sort of ice or snow built up on the third rail. we talked to commuters this morning. they're excited about being able to get back on the system, though. >> we're very glad they got it open, because -- if i probably missed another day of work, i'd probably lose some money. >> my only option was to drive in. but driving in with emergency pieces downtown, no typical place to park. basically had to work from home. >> reporter: again, silver line service back up and running this morning. buses on a modified schedule with a little bit of extra service this morning. give yourself extra time to get around.
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back to you, guys. >> adam tuss live for us, thank you. 6:18. plan for extra time in your ride in from virginia. vre trains will operate on northerliy normal schedules. parking spaces with know. and the marc ryan line isx the district emergency will end at 6:30 tonight that means do not washing along one of the city's snow emergency routes. you can get a fine, or even have your car towed. if that happens, i put a link on my facebook page on wha to do if your car is towed in d.c. plenty of cars already have been towed because of the snow emergency. d.c. has hauled away about 600 cars in the last four days. the district will get $1 million in fines.
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most of those cars will be go to private impound lots. you need to call 311 if your car was towed. >> i think anybody that sees something here will know that i spent time and emergency digging myself out. >> no more blocking your shoveled parking spots from other drivers. now, the snow emergency ends, in the district, as i mentioned regular parking goes into effect. drivers told us yesterday, they hope that other drivers will respect their hard work. but you don't own it. it's one of those thing s honesy is the best policy. >> honestly, i need that space. >> people are going to clean it out. >> a guy in boston got shot yesterday because of a parking space. does it's not pretty out there. ♪ snowplow snowplow to my nana's
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house ♪ ♪ snowplow snowplow to my nana's house ♪ >> oh. she's going to have to learn disappointment. >> even after that, to nana's house -- many of you have been sharing the photos of your unplowed roads with the #snowstuck. keep them coming. angie goff is live in the studio. angie, what are you seeing? >> aaron, you're just wrong on so many levels. >> listen, this might be it for her. okay. this is the real deal. looks like many of you are in for another know day. help, seeing a lot of this. that's the wore on many streets across the area as a lot of you continue to wait it out. chelsea says they are feeling abandoned down in virginia. she said vdot has touched over other road except for theirs. but i know that's not the case because a lot of you in virginia
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are sending pictures of your snow covered streets. and here is where seniors park to get to their house easier. remember to keep sending us your photos. don't forget to add the location, use the #snowstuck. >> thanks, angie. deep them coming, please. we want to share them with you as well. 6:21, our time right now. we want to turn to meteorologist chuck bell. we had a little rain come through, right? >> we sure did. a little rain. and most important of all, temperatures above freezing now for more than the last 24 hours in a row. so, we've been able to really chew up quite a bit in the way of snow. snow melts down on average between two and three inches a day. as long as you can keep the temperatures near 40 degrees or better. if you can have more sun, wind or fog, you can help increase that number. we started out with snow. it's just going to take longer. moderate air is coming back.
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we have a cold couple mornings coming our way by the end of the week, we can chew up the snow effectively. adam tuss told us he saw a snowflake a while ago in falls church. that is certainly a possibility as colder air is settling into the region. not a whole lot of anything falling out of the sky just yet. just light rain showers in st. mary's. a few more sprinkles along the south side of fredericksburg. in parts of stafford county. couldn't rule out seeing a flake or two. with temperatures above freezing, we're not expecting a big problem. here's the way the day is going slushy, near 40 degrees with clouds. by noon time, you'll see slush. notice what's happening with the temperatures. going down, down, down during the day. most locations will be below freezing by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. future weather.
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clear skies andrefreeze overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. a chilly day tomorrow, upper 30s. above freezing. that's the most important thing. anything above 32 is plus territory in this situation. temperatures falling during the day today. tomorrow morning, likely to be the worst of it with temperatures in the teams and suburbs to low 20s around town. above freezing by sunday afternoon. and staying above freezing well into next week. it has been a nightmare of a drive on some of the local highways. melissa mollet now. breaking news continues. 270 at montrose. right now, local lanes again. we're shut down on local lanes. about a two-mile backup on 270 approaching montrose road. hard to see, we have a tractor trailer jackknifed. that is the problem. 270 southbound at old hundred. still about a seven-mile backup there. it's slow. now we're seeing the normal volume out of the frederick area. that's another jackknifed
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tractser trailer. this other issue, outer loop at braddock, two other problems. amelia segal drove by this problem in the storm team 4 by 4. two tractor trailers there. and a fedex truck, she said, was on its side. so it was just nasty out there this morning. aaron, going to toss it back to you. be back with a live picture from the outerloop in a couple minutes. developing, new video in oregon overnight after a shoot-out between federal agents and the group that was occupying a wildlife refuge for weeks. officers pulled over ammon and ryan bundy along with several other people on a highway in oregon last night. both sides started shooting. one man was killed. the bundys started the anti-government standoff earlier this morning. they and five other people are facing conspiracy charges. virginia residents has tested positive for the zika virus. experts say the virus causes severe birth defects. zika is a virus that has led to
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travel warnings in south america and caribbean countries. the resident travelled to one of the affected areas. there's no risk to other virginians because it is not mosquito season here. a new ruling here after that "rolling stone" article depicted a violent gang rape. now, a judge is ordering the woman at the center of the article to turn over all communications about her alleged sexual assault. "rolling stone" magazine faces a series of lawsuits for that article. a family is now making funeral plans for a man from bethesda. overnight, maryland state police told us michael garth thomas died in a crash on 270 last night. he was on the exit from 270 to 370 when he hit a guard rail and his car flipped over. police say thomas may have had some kind of medical emergency before the crash. he was 38 years old. 6:46 now in the countdown to iowa is on before heading to
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iowa. bernie sanders will meet with president obama at the white house today. white house says they will meet privately in the oval office, but there's no formal agenda. this comes after president obama praised democratic front-runner hillary clinton's bid for the presidency in an interview with politico. the president will not endorse a candidate during the primary season. just days ahead of the iowa caucus, front-runner donald trump said he will not attend tomorrow night's debate. it comes after trump called fox's megyn kelly a lightweight. it sparked tough parts from ted cruz who challenged trump to a one-on-one showdown. we're covering the iowa caucuses from des moines. be sure to follow me on twitter. we will have coverage from iowa, right here, monday morning, starting at 5:00 al. >> i reminder for you after you send your kids outside to enjoy fun in the snow. the accident that sent a fairfax
6:27 am
child to the hospital. we're also watching out for you as people try to take advantage of some of the problems caused by all of this snow. what you need to know to stop price gouging. plus, breaking news on the roads. a big backup and some local lanes shut down. 270 southbound. details on this
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we have breaking news right now on the roads for you as you try to get back to work today. a jackknifed tractor trailer making life miserable for drivers on 270 right now. here's a live look at the scene, just one of three major backups. >> melissa mollet slowing you three trouble spots. >> good morning, guys. 270 at montrose road. two-mile backup in the main lanes. take a look at this. not something you typically see on any morning. the local lanes are shut down. that is because of a jackknifed tractor trailer up here on the right side. it looks like a pez dispenser across the road there.
6:31 am
seven-mile backup there. that crash is actually out of the way. there's another jackknifed tractor trailer. and the third, outerloop at braddock road. that just cleared away a couple minutes ago. we're getting chopper 4 to go over to the problem. we'll bring that to you in a bit. northbound indian head highway at old fort road, left lane, snow removal. big look at thing. you can see overall volume light. a couple of trouble spots. chuck. here are the 4 things you need to know about the weather for today. indeed, it is going to be a very slushy start this morning. so much slush, indeed. skies will be clearing today but as the skies clear, the temperatures will begin to fall. our high temperature for today has already been realized. it will be colder at sundown than sunup this morning. a major refreeze comes in tonight and tomorrow, milder air is on the horizon.
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we probably have at least three mornings with refreeze problems to deal with. that is not the case this morning. we're all above freezing. temperatures in upper 30s to near 40 degrees. light rain showers, fredericksburg, north neck, lower parts of the southern county. keep that in mind. time frame to worry about, 4:00 and 8:00 tonight. that's some temperatures drop below freezing. by this time tomorrow, teens and 20s. be ready for a big icy problem tomorrow. >> chuck, thank you. a whole lot of you have to head back to work today if you work for the federal government. offices are open for the first time this week. >> residents on a three-hour delay arrival this morning. you have the option for unscheduled leave or telework as well. as port kids, only four will be open today. >> d.c. public schools opening on time. schools in calvert, charles and st. mary's county opening with a two-hour delay. if you don't see the school on
6:33 am
the list, it's a good chance it's closed. >> d.c. public schools the only ones opening on time. >> erika gonzalez live in northwest with the conditions that students are favoring this morning. what are you seeing out there, say are ick ka? >> reporter: hi, eun. in coolidge high school, security officers beginning to open the gates here. we've got space on the sidewalks but right before i get into the pedestrian crosswalk, look at this -- there's barely enough room to put one foot in front of the other. this is what has a lot of parents concerned about letting their kids come back to school today. dcps said it woulds excuse absences and tardies. we actually ran into a parent and their student on their way to school this morning trying to make it here for a field trip. >> in some places, you couldn't walk on the side. so you have to walk on the
6:34 am
street. in some places, we walked on the sidewalk. >> caller: ye . >> reporter: and he was telling us normally, his son walks to school by himself just fine. just because the way the streets were, the sidewalks were, that dad was very concerned. said i'm going to walk to school with my son to make sure had he gets there okay. dcps is opening up campuses today but, parents, it's up to you. you've got the choice there whether or not to send them. we're live in northwest. i'm erika gonzalez. back to you. 6:34. a missing prince yorchs's county woman was found dead. 84-year-old linda nelson was found dead yesterday near her home. no word on the cause of death. in prince george's county three more people have died following the storm 2016.
6:35 am
the deaths were attributed to accident or shoveling. a maryland woman who spent days in her car is now recovering from hypothermia. firefighters helped pull her from her car. firefighters said she only had blankets to keep her warm for three days. take a look at these pictures at a serious sledding accident in springfield. fairfax paramedics found a 10-year-old boy with several injuries at the bottom of the mercer lake dam. that dam is 130 feet high. paramedic has to walk through the snow-covered streets to get to the boy. they called in a helicopter to the accident. he's now back home recovering. we want to give you a look at the road conditions from prince george's county from above. you can really get a good idea of how the streets look from the camera from the police helicopter. there you see it there. plow crews tell us some roads are good. some not so good. some awful. they plan to have all streets at
6:36 am
least passable by 9:00 tonight. that doesn't necessarily mean clear. they also explain the problem with the county's online plow tracker. >> as you know, it's an historic event, and we have a high volume of users logging into the system. and the system crashed. >> say it again, it's important to note here that passable under county standards doesn't necessarily mean clear roads. you need to keep an eye out for snow. amtrak said that trains are running on a normal schedule. always double-check to make sure your train is on time. breaking news, we have chopper 4 over 270 southbound. again, local lanes here at montrose shut down. jackknifed tractor trailer finally out of the way. they have plows clearing things up. more on that problem and the backup. also ahead, help is on the way. the equipment connecticut is bringing to d.c. to help us with the snow. and why they were so quick to
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rabreaking news on the road. chopper 4 over 270 southbound at montrose road. as you look at this, you can see these are our local lanes. we have that semi truck that went across the roadway and jackknifed. they have thought straightened out. we have a whole crew trying to reopen the lanes. for about would miles, hov restrictions lifted because of this problem today. otherwise, we have a couple of problems, but overall, roads looking pretty good right now. germantown is going to take you 43 minutes. top of the beltway okay.
6:41 am
outerloop, 66 and 95, everybody there behaving themselves quite nicely. aaron. right now, price gouging laws are in effect trying to protect people from higher prices than what you saw before the storm. >> a gas station in chevy chase. and batteries, water, food, generators are covered. the item's price cannot exceed 10% of what it was before the storm. d.c. law bans a more than 10% markup. we're talking about a lot of people who have to go to work dealing with what could be treacherous conditions. >> tom kierein is outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> we had a cold front come
6:42 am
through. 52 yesterday afternoon. drama pattic drop overnight. you can track the temperature changes, storm team forecast away from your tv with the nbc4 washington app. a slushy start to your day. wear waterproof footwear. if driving you'll be going through puddles and slush. maybe the wipers working a little bit, upper 30s. for the afternoon, sunshine, and slushing through puddles. temperatures in the upper 30s. this time tomorrow morning, a hard freeze. back to you. >> thank you, tom. as melissa showed us, we've been finding a lot of problems on the roads as many of you head back to work for the first time in days. the news is better but the
6:43 am
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6:45 am
we have breaking news on the roads right now as you get ready to head out the door. chopper 4 is live over big backups on 270 right now. after a tractor trailer accident. look at all of those lights there on 270. it's just one of the major problems we're already seeing this morning. >> melissa mollet is here with what we need to know to get around all of this. melissa. >> a look at all of thi. this just reopened in the past
6:46 am
20 minutes or so. you can see chopper 4 pans up. we do have big significant backups. four miles' worth of backups. 270 at montrose. everything is open, trying to figure out if the hov restrictions will be lifted for everybody. wouldn't that be nice. we'll find out in eye a chu in couple minutes. right now through 301 through the heart of charles county, more rain to the south thereof. these rain drops are moving on out as colder air is moving on in. i'll let you know when you can expect the roads to refreeze tonight. that's coming up in five minutes. thank you, chuck. let's check in with amelia segal driving on the roads to find out what the conditions look like outside. amelia, you there? >> reporter: yeah, i'm here. we're in pretty slow traffic right now, melissa tracking the
6:47 am
accidents along morning long at montrose road. we're crawling along at went miles an hour. that's been the case for over the last 20 minutes. now, we're picking up speed a little bit. as far as road conditions are concerned this morning. we've been around virginia. we've been around maryland. the main roads absolutely fine. the side streets still with us, slushy snow. we've seen side streets. and we see the lanes, people trying to get over and off the lanes right now but this is also impacting just your regular go as you head on to washington from areas like frederick this morning. four days after the blizzard of 2016 hit our area, metro has restored full service. all six lines are operational this morning. we continue our team coverage of this blizzard recovery with adam tuss live at the west falls church metro station. adam what can riders expect
6:48 am
today? >> reporter: well, eun, all 91 stations back open. the big question is about the silver line here in north virginia. would they get that rail line open? yes is the answer to that question. i want to show you here what people are actually dealing with as we get here into the morning commute. people start to get ready for their commute. you can see people dealing with a lot of snow here. the kiss and ride lots are full of snow. don't expect you're going to come to the metro rail station and it's business as usual. there's still a lot of cleanup to happen out here. again, what you can expect today, silver line service is back up and running. they've been clearing the snow and ice all of the tracks all night long. buses will be on a modified schedule. they have about 160 bus routes out there. that san improvement over what we have been seeing. and metro rail has been running every eight minutes for the trains. are the commuters sick of the snow, take a listen. >> oh, i love the snow.
6:49 am
although not working. >> i'm not complaining about the snow. we need it for our crops and everything else you have to grow. i mean, it's a nuisance, just for 34rplowing, you know, peopl get stuck. >> reporter: some people are complaining about the snow. it's just a lot of it out here. the good news for metro, all 91 stations open this morning. if you come to a metro rail station. you can get on a train. that includes the silver line in north virginia. good news there. back to you, guys. >> adam tuss there at the west falls station for us. improvements on two of our other transportation systems as well. vre trains will operate on a normal schedule. some station parking might be lost to piles of snow. marc trains are running on a modified schedule. the brunswick line will only go to stops between brunswick and d.c. on the camden line there no escalator or elevator service at
6:50 am
the green belt station. penn line is operating s weekday schedule. are you snow stuck this morning. >> we've been working on getting answers when crews hope to get to you. vdot crews are reporting they made at least one pass in all neighborhoods in fairfax and loudoun counties. cruise say there is still a long way to go. montgomery county says they hope to get to all streets. you can tweet us using the #snow stuck. today, four jumbo snowblowers and 30 workers will arrive from connecticut. take a look there. those are big trucks. the crews are available because of a state-to-state agreement when governors provide help to one another in times of natural disaster. >> if we need help, we would want other states to help us. years back when we had a big
6:51 am
blizzard here, we didn't have this equipment we got now. we got help. >> much needed help crews expected to work around the clock for the next four or five days. we told you uber would have surge pricing before and after the storm. this may surprise you. bonnie lieb told adam tuss and "the washington post" that her trip from sterling to reagan national caused her $640. neighbors say the 30-mile trip is usually $50 to $70. uber said based on the surge pricing and the customer's request for an suv the pricing was correct. uber did credit these accounts $160. breaking news on the roads. just out in front here, state police hov restrictions. they say 270 southbound will still be lifted because of the early travel here with the local lanes. we are now open. you don't have any other worst
6:52 am
aside from the five-mile backup headed southbound. hov restrictions lifted 270 southbound. that is according to police. 270 southbound at old hundred road, that's looking better. still had a pretty good slowdown but nothing like a short time ago. gw parkway subject noor the cia. right lane is blocked. a couple situations like that today. taking a look, indian head highway here, inbound at old fort road. snow removal crew on the right side is slowing things a bit. if you look at the rest of the map, for your commute, overall, volume is light. hopefully people are staying home today. outerloop at braddock road. you can see it looking good. we have that earlier problem out of the way. a couple trouble spots but overall, not terrible, chuck. outside this morning, rain drops continuing to fall with an occasion aa aal snowflake or tw.
6:53 am
there are rain drops on northern neck and 95 south of fredericksburg here. we'll be back into sunshine later on today. but the northwest wind is blowing colder and colder air into the region with time. temperatures will level off and eventually fall during the conversation of the afternoon. most important thing of all, we have been above freezing now for more than 24 consecutive hours. so the roads are not icy at all. slush in places. but not frozen. that will not be the case tomorrow morning. here's future weather with time today. sunshine coming in. skies clear out. winds fade off tonight. that will make for a very cold start early tomorrow morning. staying chilly the next couple of days. here's your hourly temperatures by 6:15 tonight. not too long after you get out of work and school, if you have school today, temperatures down near the freezing marks. somewhere between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., everyone drops below freezing. by 9:00 tonight, temperatures
6:54 am
mid to upper 20s. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, 13 in frederick, 17 manassas, 22 in washington. that will be a hard freeze on the road. so expect an icy ride in tomorrow morning. and a couple more hard freezes coming up for both friday morning and saturday morning as well. much milder air. back into the 50s by sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. >> thank you, chuck. your time is 6:54. d.c.'s emergency snow ban ends tonight. the city's ban will end at 6:30. that means you need to pay attention where you park before that time. you can still get a ticket or towed if you're parked on a snow emergency route. >> do you feel this is your spot? >> oh, yeah, if anyone takes it, you better watch out. >> the snow emergency ends in the district tonight, and that means regular parking routes go back into effect at 6:30.
6:55 am
drivers told us yesterday, they hope others will respect their hard work and not park in a spot that they've cleared for themselves. >> it seems it's fragile. they spent so much time shoveling snow. for the first time since the blizzard hit, the federal government is open. if you're an employee, you can sleep in a bit. >> it's on a three-hour delay arrive. you can take it or just te telework. and d.c. public schools are open. and opening on time today. get ready. >> that's right. news4 erika gonzalez is live i northwest now with more on the conditions for the students who have to actually get slew the slush to get to school, erika. >> reporter: no kidding, eun. this is what they have to deal
6:56 am
with. we're outside of coolidge high school in northwest. so close yet so far away. the difference between this huge snow mound here and the clearer steps of the school 10 or 15 feet. meanwhile, it's the walkways that students have to worry about and everywhere else in the city. this looks good. once i get here. steps away from the pedestrian crossway, this narrows in. we've got an interview with a student and parent that came walking to school this morning. tell me, what do you think of the job that they have done on the streets and on the sidewalks? >> they have done a good job. like some of the streets are not clear yet. and some of the sidewalks are -- like you can see here, some are cleared some are not cleared. >> reporter: you've got some parents that are walking their students to school today just to make sure they make it okay. we've got all of dcps's
6:57 am
information posted on my facebook page. breaking news on the roads chopper 4 over 270. this is now northbound at montrose. you can see they're trying to clear the right side of the roadway. we have a new crash there. if chopper were to widen out you'd see six miles. that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we're wishing you the best if you head out to work and back to school. we hope you have a great day. >> make
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. two members of that group of protesters occupying a federal building in oregon shot by police during a traffic stop. one man dead, seven others behindars, cliendi including th leader. the protest isn't over. donald trump says he's going to switch tomorrow night's debate on fox because he doesn't like one of the moderators. >> they can't toy like me like they do everyone else. >> ted cruz calling his rival scared and challenging him to a personal dual. >> i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate wme


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